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In the webshop of High Tension Leatherwear are the finest handmade products of the Spanish brand Sendra. You can order them online easily at www.intoboots.com..

A wide range Sendra boots and belts

Sendra webshop High Tension Leatherwear has a wide range Sendra ladies westernboots, mens cowboyboots and children's cowboyboots:
  • cowboyboots in various colors and designs
  • rugged biker boots 
  • other stylisch models, boots and shoes
In addition to boots, you can also visit our Sendra webshop for handmade belts of this Sendra brand. We also sell metal bootpoints and ornamental spurs for your Sendra boots.

Sendra webshop High Tension Leatherwear

Sendra shop at High Tension Leatherwear, quality, expertise and service come first. We sell more than 25 years Sendra boots and accessories. Besides Sendra boots, belts and accessories we also have leather clothes, biker wear, leather pants and waist coats in the range. We also sell jewelery and buckles.

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