Sendra Bootjack
Reviewer: jacky
31/10/2017 15:09:47
functions perfectly !

Sendra 8850
Reviewer: Mickey
08-09-2017 10:14:42
Extremely helpful! I doubted the size, normally size 38 now bought size 37. Received a lot of advice and tips, all via the mail.
It is indeed tight at first, but as you begin to wear them more and more, they are cast. With a size 38 it is comfortable at first, afterwards (advice High Tension) you go slippers in your boots. Very customer friendly and helpful.

Eagle-bronze boot point Sendra
Reviewer: Josse Sharrard
07-07-2017 12:08:39
The order was there in no time and the contact with beautiful leather is good and personal. you will receive nails yourself

Sendra 3091/02
Reviewer: Peter
18-02-2017 21:53:15
Fine, tough basic boot, only gets better and lasts for many years I know from experience.

Bolotie BT-05 Starsandstripes
Reviewer: Annemarie
28-12-2016 15:13:22
Only on the picture the background seems blue, and the one I received was really black.
Furthermore, the bolie is really beautiful, and the one who received it was also very happy!

Sendra 5919 P
Reviewer: Willem
01-12-2016 12:40:08
These are really nice boots, great leather and are delicious. Service is excellent.

Sendra 2073
Reviewer: Jan Pietersen
12-11-2016 11:58:41
Wonderful Sendra, s and a very fast delivery!

Sendra 11783C
Reviewer: Jack Folkersma
10-11-2016 09:36:52
Superb boot. Wear comfort top! It is that I know better, otherwise I would think they were tailor-made. The zipper an easy entry, which in my case is a godsend.
And the service by perfect, thanks Erik!

Ornamental track 43 black Sendra
Reviewer: Rennie
04-09-2016 11:48:54
Stand well with my Sendra 2976 boots. Fit well and is super cool!

Sendra 1918/02
Reviewer: Co
21/04/2016 10:27:30
Neatly delivered after 2 days.
Fit well.

Analine leather 501 Sticks & Stones
Reviewer: robert leerentveld
06-01-2016 20:48:58
super nice leather good fit

Leather lace trousers Sticks & Stones 501 lace - G4 black
Reviewer: robert leerentveld
06-01-2016 20:46:53
great pants, nice fit, vr gr robert

Sendra 7605 brown
Reviewer: Eva
30-12-2015 20:21:04
Super nice belt. Exactly like on the image. Very happy! Very fast delivery!

Sendra 9603
Reviewer: Peter
30-11-2015 22:35:26
Fast and well delivered, shoe is a bit tight, because the zipper can not go all the way down.

Sendra 3241 sprinter
Reviewer: Mark
29-11-2015 23:33:20
Very nice boots. Delivered quickly. Searched everywhere and found my size nowhere. But that's how it is very easy and cheaper than I saw in most stores. Top!

Sendra 8481
Reviewer: Danielle
29-11-2015 17:11:10
Great color and beautiful female boot!
Very happy with it.

leather jacket
Reviewer: louis
29-09-2015 16:57:01
reasonable vest not so thick but the price is low looks good and is nice.
greeting louis

Sendra 8322/02 buckle
Reviewer: Rob
22-09-2015 07:00:34
super nice belt

Sendra 3565/02
Reviewer: Kristien
07-09-2015 11:11:19
Super!!! I use them as work shoes in the event sector, because I was already looking for a shoe with steel tip in size 37 which is also solid. am completely satisfied!

Biker jeans leather 693131
Reviewer: Leon
29-08-2015 14:43:04
Nice to do business with. Very fast delivery. The whole amount has been reimbursed properly when the purchase is canceled. All emails answered correctly! Fine!
Sendra 3241/10
Reviewer: Wim Verkoijen
29-05-2015 20:13:59
An excellent boot for this price
if you have good maintenance, you will certainly walk for 10 years
after walking in, replace the leather sole foot with a rubber sole (then do not walk through the stitching)
and in time replace the rubbers on the hooks

Boot servant without imprint
Reviewer: Erik
16-05-2015 16:15:41
Handy bootstrap, well finished and foldable.Fast delivery. Top! Thanks

Ornamental track 43 brown Sendra
Reviewer: Elisabeth
06-04-2015 17:07:37
Very nice ornamental traces. Pimping up my boots! Next day at home Top!

Sendra 7605 black
Reviewer: birds
31-03-2015 10:39:16
super happy with my belt and fast service!

Sendra 3565/01
Reviewer: J.V Messak
21-03-2015 15:47:28
Again a tough biker boots in a different color, black.
And again a good service and fast delivery!

Sendra 3565/02
Reviewer: Joey Messak
16-03-2015 16:01:27
Good service and fast delivery!

Tough pretty rough biker boots!
Am happy with it!
Wear sendra boots for years, these boots are beautiful with me collection.

Sendra 3565/02
Reviewer: J.V Messak
12-03-2015 20:45:47
Real cool beautiful biker boots!
I'm very happy with it!
Sendra boots always like it.
Good service too, and fast delivery!
Now again visit the store in real life.
A happy customer!

Sendra 8322/01 buckle
Reviewer: Bart
23-01-2015 11:32:48
Very nice belt and delivered quickly!

Sendra 8680/02
Reviewer: Diana
30-12-2014 13:56:56
Beautiful belt. Purchased online for my son. And delivered quickly!

Sendra 5156/36
Reviewer: Chickie
21-12-2014 17:20:16
Super belt, real leather, nice finish and super fast delivery!

Sendra 8323
Reviewer: Rene 'Laarmans
25-11-2014 11:49:37
Good service, fast delivery!

Sendra Boot servant
Reviewer: Carola
28-10-2014 22:38:03
No hopping and pulling more, just a foot on the servant and hopping !! A real must-have !!!! A real recommendation !!!!

Sendra 10814
Reviewer: Femke
27-10-2014 15:48:29
Delicious boots, nice heel.
Good service!

Sendra 7605 black
Reviewer: BB
10/23/2014 20:05:47
Super happy with this belt.
Good service, fast delivery!

Sendra 3162 D
Reviewer: js
09-10-2014 19:23:15
these are the most amazing boots that exist. I have been on a pair of boots of this model for 10 years and am very happy that I have found a few again !!!!

Sendra 8680/01
Reviewer: Jeannette
09-10-2014 12:59:08
They even called if the belt ordered was not too big. It turned out to be the case indeed. At least someone who thinks with me! Quick service.

Sendra 5907 P / 12
Reviewer: Johnny
13-09-2014 12:34:49
After having paid the payment I got the boots nicely delivered on time at home. What a truly wonderful acquisition! The telephone contact and advice was also good, time was given for my questions. Now again to admire the store in Amersfoort really to admire everything once in real life.

Sendra 9510
Reviewer: M. de Groot
11-09-2014 10:20:21
Beautiful boots, now just walk in. Well all my third pair Sendra boots. Thanks for the fast delivery.

Sendra 7605 black
Reviewer: bergsma
01-05-2014 21:26:39
Very happy with this belt. Fits nicely with my sendra boots with the same turquoise. Thanks for the quick delivery
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